Teaching healthy eating habits

UDIM south haven

SOUTH HAVEN, Mich. (WOTV) Students at North Shore Elementary School in South Haven are learning how to eat healthy and stay active, with help from the United Dairy Industry of Michigan and Fuel Up to Play 60.

The school is trying out a program to offer healthy snacks in the classroom. The snacks must include a fruit or vegetable, low fat dairy, or a grain. They offer the items at lunch a la carte, and the students will get to decide what will be on the snack menu next year. In addition, each student in kindergarten through fifth grade will get the chance to eat breakfast at school.

Teaching nutrition is part of the curriculum at North Shore Elementary School. They tie it into the classroom with writing projects and encourage kids to play with their food and try new things. School officials say when kids are active and eat healthy, their behavior and concentration improves.

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