Fun options for spring break

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) There’s one place to check out while the kids are off for spring break. The Grand Rapids Public Museum is offering a wide range of activities and exhibits that will keep the kids entertained for hours!

Fashion and Tea” takes place on Saturday, April 19. Participants can tour the Streets of Old Grand Rapids and see fashions from the Victorian era. Then get a chance to dress up and have tea and desserts. The program is $15 for non-members and $13 for members. Pre-registration is required. Click here for details or to buy tickets.

The “Dream It, Build It” exhibit features landmarks like the Empire State Building and the Gateway Arch of St. Louis, made entirely out of Legos! After the exhibit, kids can create their own masterpieces out of Legos. The exhibit runs through August 31 and is free with general admission.

Another favorite at the museum right now is “Dinosaurs Unearthed.” The exhibit features 13 animatronic dinosaurs. You can also see fossils and have fun at the interactive stations that explore dinosaur sounds, dinosaur anatomy, and fossils. The exhibit runs through April 27. Click here for details or to buy tickets.

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is also offering special events just for spring break. They take place April 6 through 13 and include:

  • Fossils discovery cart
  • Gear build table
  • Create your own dinosaur
  • Build your Skylark Biplane
  • Sidewalk Astronomy

You can see a full list of activities, prices, and more information on the museum’s special spring break website.

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