Three fruits to cleanse and purify your body


WOTV 4 women’s wellness expert Michele Fife shares information on the Triphala tablet to help you cleanse and purify your body.

Triphala is an ayurvedic formula comprised of 3 fruits – (Harada, Amla and Bihara) and is known to be good for all types of people universally. These 3 fruits each have their own distinct and beneficial properties.

Harada possesses laxative, astringent, lubricant, antiparasitical qualities, and is considered to be good for the nervous system.
Amla is the highest natural known source of vitamin C, having 20 times the vitamin C of an orange. This fruit also touts anti-bacterial properties, as well as pronounced expectorant and anti-viral.

Bihara purifies and balances excess mucus, treats asthma, bronchiole conditions and allergies.

Combined the 3 ingredients pack a health punch and will aid your body’s natural detoxification process as well as an aid to weight loss. Using triphala doesn’t just detox your system, it also nourishes and rejuvenates the membrane lining of the gastrointestinal tract.  Other benefits include cleansing the liver, kidneys and purifying the blood.

There are two ways to take Triphala, as a powder or tablet. You simply stir in about ½ tsp. of powder with warm water and consume the entire amount  in the evening (most beneficial). Triphala is available in tablet or capsule form is easier on your taste buds but will not digest quite as easily as when taken in powder form with warm water.

Triphala may taste bitter, sour or astringent to you depending on your current state of being. It has been said that when the taste of triphala become sweet to you that you no longer need to take it!

WOTV 4 women’s wellness expert Michele Fife

For more on Michele’s check out her work and visit her blog .



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