Girls are going to run this town with GROW and Gazelle

On April 13, hundreds of women will pave the way for new opportunities by hitting the pavement running. The Gazelle Girl Run is an empowering run for women across West Michigan to get involved in health, fun and charity. This year, Gazelle Girl Run has selected four local-non profit organizations who have partnered with the event. One of the non-profits selected this year is Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women. Click video above to see more about GROW.

>>>Register for Gazelle Run here.

GROW is an organization that helps women and men start new businesses, as well as provide resources to more seasoned businesses for growth and success.

As of 2010, women own 40% of all small businesses. By 2018, women will own over 60% of the small businesses in this country. GROW is the leading women’s business center in West Michigan. GROW works by promoting locally-owned businesses, providing training and education, offering networking opportunities, encouraging fiscal responsibility, and supporting women-owned businesses.

For more information on GROW click here.


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