Meet the Youth of the Year

Youth of the Year

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) There are some incredible kids in West Michigan who are getting a great start to adulthood, thanks to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Grand Rapids. Each year, they nominate teens who are positive role models for the Youth of the Year award.

The Youth of the Year award dates back to 1947, and rewards teens for academic success, strong moral character, life goals, poise, and public speaking ability. The winner for 2014 is 15-year-old Raymond King. He is a sophomore at Grandville High School and has been a member of the Steil Club in Grand Rapids since 2009. Raymond plans to attend either UCLA or the University of Michigan and wants to be a constitutional lawyer or senator.

Raymond and the 2012 Youth of the Year award winner, Mayra Cardenas, join Maranda in studio to talk about what the Boys and Girls Club and the Youth of the Year award means for them.

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