Drab to fab bathroom makeover

WOTV 4 women’s interior remodeling expert Jan Lehman shares simple tips on how to revamp your bathroom while on a budget.

If you’re doing a stay-cation this spring break – or just have some extra time on a weekend – you can take your small bathroom from drab to fab with these easy and inexpensive updates.

• If you can’t replace the tub, at least replace the shower head for a better, more pleasing shower experience. There are even double shower-heads on a single fixture for the ultimate experience! Or try a rain shower – awesome!
• Brighten your bathroom with a new light fixture. Dated fixtures can tire a bathroom. They’re easy and affordable to update.
• Hang a shelving unit above the toilet for extra storage. For extra style, line the back with wallpaper or paint it for a pop of color.
• Less square footage means you don’t have to buy much new flooring. This could be an area to have some fun with an offbeat flooring or an opportunity to try your hand at tiling.
• Even replacing the shower curtain for something soft or flashy can do wonders to revive a tired bathroom.
• And finally there is the toilet. IF yours is older than 10 years, it really is time to replace it for a more energy efficient toilet. My husband – who is NOT mechanically inclined – just went to YOU TUBE and typed in How to replace a toilet and did it without a hitch!
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WOTV 4 women’s interior remodeling expert Jan Lehman

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