Get the Family Reading this March

WOTV 4 women’s family expert Maranda shares fun ways to get the kids, and the whole family reading for National Reading month.

Take turns reading aloud with your child

Try alternating pages or chapters.  This will help parents determine their child’s level of comprehension.  Also it’s a great way to spend quality time with your kids.

Offer an incentive program

Some parents may allow a child to stay up 15 minutes later if the time is spent reading.  Or perhaps you can give your child a fun reward when they reach their reading goal.

Create your own “library days”

Let your family determines a reading list and have the children write book reports on the books they have completed.

Read on the go

Play a word game in the car. Each person takes a turn reading as many words as he can from street signs, billboards, store names, garage sale signs, etc. The player reads the words aloud as quickly as he can. It’s a fun exercise and even though it’s not a book, it gets kids reading.

Beyond books

Not only does the Internet provide a wide range of material, but there are non-stop reading opportunities.  Find special online activities to engage your children.

Importance of the book series

Try introducing  a book series to foster your own child’s interest in reading. For many new readers, discovering books that pique their interest can be the beginning of a lifelong interest in reading.

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