Keep, consider, or consign before remodeling

Purge, purge and purge again in order to start with a clean slate. Since I’m in the planning stages of my own remodeling project, one of the first things on my list is to purge, purge and purge some more! Part of the project will involve taking cabinet doors and drawer fronts off in my kitchen and two bathrooms and replace them with new ones. That means the contents of those areas have to be removed so the boxes and insides can be painted. I suppose I could wait until that actually happens to do the purging, but I think I’ll be more concerned with how and where to store everything – so purge now it is! But why stop there? For any area you’re going to purge always consider these 3 and only these 3 options: Keep, Consider and Consign or Donate.

KITCHEN: I am notorious for a cluttered counter top since my home office is a corner space. And I’ll be replacing that too so might as well start now. I’m looking for just the right cool, contemporary storage containers for both office and kitchen products that I do need to KEEP out and use. Then I need to find the right size insert for odds and ends kitchen utensils. For someone who doesn’t cook or bake much, I have enough pots and pans that need organizing and purging too.

DINING ROOM: Can’t find your table? Remove everything from the table and find a convenient “landing spot” for your keys and cell phone/IPad/computer/purse/briefcase. What about something like the hooks used under bar areas? Out of sight but not out of mind. Get trays for papers that you use/need to KEEP and get rid of the rest! Put a beautiful centerpiece on the table so you don’t continue to trash it.

LIVING ROOM: need to reclaim it? Hang your coats in the closet and tuck away boots and shoes (or have a good-looking hiding place for them) and open, sort and deal with your mail right away. Recycle newspapers and magazine or DONATE to doctors office or school for projects. Have a dedicated spot for books, toys and remotes so you don’t lose them in the sofa cushions.

BATHROOM: I was opening every door and drawer over the weekend because I couldn’t find a particular foundation I wanted to try again. I’m embarrassed to say I found very old (and dried out) lipstick and nail polish I couldn’t even open. I do have individual, covered clear storage boxes for different products and those needed to be opened, reviewed and washed out. Out-dated medicines were tossed along with cleaning products I no longer used. This room is now ready for remodeling.

YOUR CLOSET: This will probably be the hardest one to deal with. At least for me it will be because I have a double wardrobe that will have to be emptied and moved to replace the bedroom carpeting. Plus it will be the seasonal purge time anyways so I’ll start now. Start with three piles or sections; • KEEP the stuff you actively wear – items that fit well, are in good repair and look good on you. • MAYBE is the stuff you haven’t worn in a while, because they don’t quite fit or need repairs. You can review this pile later. • DONATE/CONSIGN: anything you haven’t worn in a year, items that don’t fit or have outlived their usefulness to YOU. You know the saying; “One woman’s trash is another woman’s treasures.”

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