8 important hiring trends for 2014

hiring trends

In the battle for top talent, what do hiring managers have to contend with in 2014?  Here are eight important hiring trends that employers should be aware of:


1. MORE EXPENSIVE HIRING.   Because employment rates have risen in tech, healthcare, financial, marketing, and other fields there aren’t as many talented workers to go around.

2. MARKETING INSTEAD OF RECRUITING.  Because of the changes in the talent pool you will have to begin thinking about the long-term.  This means developing a strong employer brand that brings talented workers to you.

3. BIG DATA.  Good marketers use data to reach their audience.  Invest in market research to determine the best recruiting methods.  Combine your strengths in recruiting with the hard data to make the best hiring decisions.

4. GOING MOBILE.   Seventy percent of job seekers are using their mobile devices to find jobs.  You need to make it easy for candidates to read about and apply for jobs on their mobile devices.

5. MORE OLDER WORKERS.  According to the Census Bureau, there will be 48 million workers between the ages of 55 and 64 in 2014.  You can not neglect your older talent pool.

6. RETAIN YOUNG WORKERS.  Millennial workers aren’t just looking for jobs.  They want interesting and challenging work.

7. SHORTAGE OF STEM GRADS.  Expect a shortage of graduates in science, tech, engineering and math fields.   You’ll need to amp up your recruitment game.

8. TECH POSITIONS.  Despite the shortage there will be an increase in hiring for employees with skills in advanced manufacturing and cyber-physical systems according to beyond.com.

 source: tech.co


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