Middle schooler raises money to fight Parkinson’s

Ellary VAI donation

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) When it comes to making a big difference, you’re never too young to start. Ellary is a sixth grader at White Pines Middle School. In one of her classes last year, she was assigned to set a goal and she decided she wanted to help cure Parkinson’s Disease, a condition her grandfather has. Ellary later went to the doctor with her grandfather and the doctor told her if she organized something, he would help put it in the right hands.

Ellary organized a fundraising event around the Grand Haven Coast Guard run. She started passing around a flyer, eventually raising about $6,000. Some of the money went to the National Parkinson’s Foundation of West Michigan to fund a patient education flyer. The rest was donated to the Van Andel Institute.

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