Recycling Fashion! Expert shares style tip

What I love most about my topic of expertise here at WOTV 4 Women is that wellness is such a broad topic. Our state of being is effected by how we live not just by what we do on a personal level.

Sometimes aside from my other daily ritual therapies of wellness I need a little of what I lovingly call retail therapy. You know, gray day – need new shoes? Anyway, in order to really keep the prana flowing all around I love to frequent consignment shops. I have a couple faves that i visit on a more regular basis like Rock Paper Scissors and LBD in Rockford. I also love vintage and Lost and Found Treasures has a great selection there.
To me this is like recycled clothing. Often right before I am scheduled to do a shoot for my on air tips I drop in and pick up a few great tops or dresses. I feel excited to find a great deal and also feel good about participating in a little healthy consumerism. Next time you see me on WOTV 4 Women and think “I used to own that” top, dress, whatever, you are probably right! And I thank you.

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