Gazelle Girl Half Marathon Event

If you’re looking to start living  a healthier lifestyle this year, or maybe you love running marathons already, then come out to the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon event this April in Grand Rapids. This event is held every year by Gazelle Sports to honor strong women and encourage healthy living.

Last year over 3000 women came out to join in this event and help raise money for different women’s charities. All the proceeds from the event will go to four foundations: Girls on the Run, GROW (Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women), the YWCA, and D. A. Blodgett/St. John’s Homes and Hope for Children. Running this half marathon not only contributes to charity but it also helps build strong relationships with women, and encourages the community to be stronger and healthier.

“Gazelle Girl was such an energetic race. There was a sense of team during the entire race. Every woman may have had a different goal, but each runner was encouraging to the other. I can’t say that I’ve ever smiled so much during a race.” ~ Brittany

“Gazelle Girl was lots of fun and very inspiring. I had several friends running their first half or 5k. It was fun being a part of their journey. It was also a proud moment for me as a mom. It was my, then, 8-year-old daughter’s first solo 5k, and she earned a PR.” ~ Marcia 

So start training today to be a Gazelle Girl in this awesome event! Currently the cost is $75 for half marathon entrants and $25 for 5k entrants. After Friday, February 28, the registration cost goes up to $85 and $30, respectively. Online registration remains open until April 10. Find out all the details and registration information here.

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