Choosing an experienced attorney

Choosing an attorney to represent you is the most important decision you make once you have decided to divorce.  Make sure the firm practices primarily family law, and don’t be afraid to ask about their experience handling cases similar to yours.   Just because they handle divorces, does not mean that they have experience with custody battles, for instance.

Make sure they regularly practice in the area where you live.  Knowing the judges, clerks and other attorneys often helps because each county has their own ways of handling cases.

Check out their website to look for client stories or testimonials from previous clients to ensure you hire an attorney with the experience you need.  If you don’t see any, don’t hesitate to ask if they can tell you about some of their cases and perhaps get a reference from a past client. (Do keep in mind that most divorce clients are not anxious to publicize their personal difficulties even if they were thrilled with their lawyer.)

Don’t write off a young attorney who may have less experience as long as they are in a firm where there are more experienced attorneys that can mentor their younger associates.  Often, younger attorneys put in extra effort and work harder on their cases as they build their careers.  Don’t hesitate to ask specific questions about how they will handle your case.

Being confident that the attorney you hire will represent you well and protect your legal rights is important.  Divorces are expensive as well so be sure you hire the best attorney for you.

Nothing herein constitutes a legal opinion.



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