Fun with fish snacks


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) Get a little taste of summer with some fun fish-themed snacks! Maranda learns how to make chocolate fish treats and a gelatin aquarium.

For the fish treats, you only need three ingredients: pretzels, chocolate Kiss candies, and graham cracker Goldfish crackers. Place a chocolate candy on top of each pretzel and microwave them until the chocolate melts a little. Place a fish cracker on top of the melted chocolate.

For the aquarium, start with a two liter bottle of lemon-lime soda that has gone flat. Measure one cup, and add four packets of unflavored gelatin. Let it sit for about five minutes. Pour two more cups of the flat soda into a saucepan and heat for about two minutes until just before boiling. Add the gelatin mixture to the pan and stir. Add two drops of blue food coloring, then pour the liquid into a glass bowl or fish bowl. Add the rest of the flat soda and let it chill until it becomes firm. Use a metal knife to create a path to insert gummy fish into the gelatin.

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