A water park paradise at Great Wolf Lodge

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) The Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City has tons of family fun!

The main attraction at the lodge is the giant indoor water park. At the center of the park is a tree fort that’s more than five stories tall and has 12 different levels. At the top is a tipping bucket that dumps 1,000 gallons of water every five to seven minutes. Coming out of the tree fort is a series of water slides. The Great Wolf Lodge has seven water slides in all, including the new River Canyon Run, a raft slide that can hold up to three people!

The water park includes two activity pools. One of them is a wading pool for toddlers that has two slides and a splashing toy. The other pool is for bigger kids, and includes basketball hoops and more open pool space.

Families can also take it easy on the lazy river, which completes a loop around the water park.

Not only is the water park fun, it’s safe too. Each body of water is continuously monitored by a trained lifeguard.

Maranda went behind the scenes to check out how the water park is operated. There are seven different systems in the pump room. Controls for heating and filtration are also located there. The water is tested every two hours and the lodge uses sand filtration and chemicals to keep it clean.

The water park is kept at a balmy 86 degrees year round, and the water is around 84 degrees. 

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