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Have you found yourself taking part in some retail therapy recently? Over spending can often be the result by browsing our favorite stores alone or with friends. Here are some tips in making your day fun without hurting the hard work you’ve put into your healthy spending plan:

1. Not sure about a potential purchase? Rather than asking your friend her opinion, ask a stranger. They’re much more likely to give an opinion that’s rational and unbiased to your current emotions or whether you’re deserving of the special buy.

2. Stifle an impulsive purchase by taking a “mindful pause” before you whip out the credit card. Hand the item over to a salesperson to hold for you so you can walk away and ask yourself the following questions: Why am I here? How do I feel? Do I need this? What if I wait? How will I pay for it? Where will I put it? Then, only make the purchase if you’re very certain that it’s something you need and can afford.

3. Limit the number of stores you go to. The more stores you visit, the more you may buy! You might tell yourself that you’re comparison shopping, but the more “legwork” you put in, the more you may feel the need to “reward” yourself for your efforts.

Enjoy the browsing, but then make yourself walk away. The very act of shopping fires the pleasure centers of your brain. As the feel-good brain chemical dopamine flows through your synapses, a shopper’s high take over, making you buy things you don’t need or even really want. Simply walk away from a potential purchase and come back the next day to see if you still want it. Time away will eliminate the novelty of the situation and help you make a more clear-headed decision on whether the purchase is still a good one to make!



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