Protect your kids from toppling TVs

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV) A study out this year in the journal “Pediatrics” says 17,000 kids each year are hurt from a falling television. That’s up 125% from 1990. Almost half of the injuries are from a TV falling off a dresser or armoire. In a third of the cases, it falls off a TV stand or entertainment center. Boys are more likely to be hurt than girls, and a vast majority of patients are under the age of five.

Experts say to prevent these types of injuries, you should either mount your TV to the wall or tether it with safety anchors or anti-tip devices. Jennifer Hoekstra from Safe Kids Greater Grand Rapids joins Maranda in studio to demonstrate what else you can do to keep your kids safe.

Plus, when it’s time to get rid of that old TV, remember you can recycle it. It’s easier than you think! Find out how by visiting Safe Kids online. 

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