Give your ex the boot for non-payment

If you are dependent on child support payments and they are not being paid it can be really frustrating.  When the court orders a parent to pay child support it often is an essential part of the family budget.  After all, child support is meant to pay for the expenses and needs of your children including food, clothing, school and housing expenses.

Michigan recently amended the Support and Parenting Time Enforcement Act to provide a new incentive for paying court ordered child support.   In the past, if a parent fell in arrears in their support payments, the state could revoke that parent’s drivers license.  The result was often that the offending parent continued to drive without a license instead of paying up.  With the recent change a custodial parent, court or an attorney may ask that a ‘boot’ be placed on the non-paying parent’s vehicle.  If the parent fails to attend a hearing for non-payment of support, an Order to book the car can be issued immediately.

Since almost no one can afford to simply walk away from their vehicle, paying a child support obligation to recover access to a vehicle may be an effective way to get much needed funds immediately flowing to the custodial parent.  This new change should be a very effective tool to obtain child support payments from deadbeat parents.

Nothing herein constitutes a legal opionion



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