Tension hits New Zealand on The Bachelor

Love blooms in the lush island country of New Zealand, as Juan Pablo’s adventure continues with the eight remaining women. Andi, desperate to get alone time with the Bachelor, claims the week’s first one-on-on date, but will she be able to let her guard down and allow their relationship to grow?

A group date for six bachelorettes takes them on a wild ride on the Ogo – a New Zealand extreme sport that has the women zig zagging down a course in giant clear inflatable balls. After they catch their breath, the after party takes place on the set of the Academy Award-winning film “The Hobbit.” Clare is still trying to repair her relationship with Juan Pablo, but what will be the outcome?

Finally, it is not just the Bachelor with decisions to make, which results in one of the most tension-filled rose ceremonies so far, on “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10 (8:00-10:01 p.m.), on the ABC.

Andi is over the moon when she gets the first individual date in New Zealand. After a thrilling speedboat ride through Tutukau Gorge, Andi and Juan Pablo arrive at a mysterious location called “The Squeeze.” Now, she must trust the Bachelor to lead her through a cold, murky waterway sandwiched between tight crevices which will lead them to a magical waterfall. Here, the river is heated by the red hot magma below the surface. Juan Pablo plans a romantic dinner for the two of them with bubbling geysers as a backdrop.

Plus, six of the ladies get to experience the Ogo as Juan Pablo surprises them by taking them to a remote pasture for this adrenaline rush date. One homesick bachelorette finally rises to the top and makes her presence known to the Bachelor, but will that matter in the face of the pressure from the five other women? The after party proves a special treat as the group explores the fictional wonderland created for the hit movie Peter Jackson’s “The Hobbit.” A conflicted bachelorette who is looking for reassurance is hoping for the rose on the group date. But the women are shocked by a turn of events that leaves one beautiful bachelorette totally devastated.

An outspoken Clare does her best to mend her connection with Juan Pablo after her tearful confrontation with him during last week’s cocktail party in Vietnam. The two meet for a private picnic near a beautiful river running through the New Zealand countryside. Will Clare be successful or will she be headed home?

Juan Pablo is torn between so many remarkable women and the rose ceremonies are becoming more difficult. However, the drama isn’t just all on the Bachelor’s side. One bachelorette comes to an important emotional decision about her relationship, and debates going home.

Six women will move on to join the dashing Bachelor in his hometown of Miami as the women’s hometown dates loom.

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