Fun, creative winter decorating to-do list

During this ever-so-long-winter, there are have been many nights when I wished for a fireplace.  SO – thinking about what I would do if I had a fireplace:

  • Beautiful and functional accessories – even if it’s just a gas/electric fireplace.
  • OR if it is one of those sleek, contemporary electric fireplaces, I’d make sure MINE had some fabulous colored stones or flames or a unique finish.
  • The mantle is an awesome space to really explode a statement piece of artwork, sculpture or even a fabulous TV.
  • OR make the fireplace the statement piece by hanging IT on the wall.

Think Spring with a bouquet of fresh flowers or even grow beautiful early spring bulbs such as paper whites, hyacinths and crocuses.

Make it even more difficult to get out of bed on a cold winter morning by updating your bedding:

  •  Think soft, cozy fabrics like cashmere, velvet and maybe even flannel or wool.
  •   Add some fabulous pillows and we may never find you until spring!
  • Add a plush area rug in a fabulous color so your toes don’t have to touch a cold floor.

Have you noticed a draft coming from your windows?  You may not necessarily need to replace your windows, just put a better window covering over the window:

  • There are many products available – Standale  Interiors features Hunter Douglas – that have a unique patented construction for energy efficiency and sound absorption.

Or what about a drafty front door?  Winter is not the best time to replace that – I’ve got more information coming on replacing your door – but you do need to stop that draft today:

  • Of course, you could be really thrifty and just use a bath towel.
  • Or get crafty and make your own door draft snake (just google it ladies!)

And if your husband insists on turning down the thermostat, what better excuse do you need for purchasing a sexy, warm, cozy throw to wrap yourself in while watching TV and sipping your favorite glass of red wine!

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Jan Lehman

Standale Interiors 



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