Cure cabin fever: Plan your remodeling projects for the year

So, you’ve been stuck at home during this second or third snow storm in our lovely city of Grand Rapids. What do you do – besides try to keep the kids occupied? This is the perfect time to take a look at your home and make a wish list of remodeling or decorating projects for the year.

Our Interior Remodeling expert, Jan Lehman of Standale Interiors has some cool ideas that will inspire you to make your home a happier place in 2014.

1. MIX IT UP: I grew up in an era when everything had to match. Today it’s totally the opposite. The most interesting spaces mix culture, style, color, texture….the list goes on and on. I am just starting my own remodeling project at my downtown condo where I’ve made very few changes in the 12 years I’ve lived there. My husband and I are looking at mixing vintage with modern and doing a total color change!

2. WELCOME TO YOUR HOME. Does your entry way really welcome friends? If not, time to make it friendlier. Maybe it’s color, a bench, a mirror, a rug…..there are so many things that will welcome your guests.

3. REMEMBER THE POWER OF WHITE: White reflects light so use it to your advantage in dark or small spaces.

4. SURPRISE! Doing anything unexpected is exciting, inviting and whimsical. It can be artwork, an unexpected color, texture or piece of furniture.

5. GO BOLD. The smaller the space, the more drama you need. A small room is an ideal space to experiment with an unexpected color or cool wallpaper.

6. CURVES AHEAD: Round shapes – like a drum lamp shade or oval coffee table – make a space feel inviting; they soften a room and make a house more lovable and livable

7. DECORATE WITH WHAT YOU LOVE. If you have an heirloom piece of furniture – you’ll find a way to incorporate it into your décor. If the rest of your space is more transitional, the heirloom piece could be a separate seating area off to the side.

8. WHAT’S TRENDING? What better time to browse HOUZZ, Pinterest, and HGTV for inspiration!


Share your project ideas on our Facebook page! Remember, be brave, and be bold because this is 4 you!


Jan Lehman

Office:  616.735.5828

Fax:  616.453.6821


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