Tonight on ABC

The Middle 8:00-8:30pm

The Jump” – Frankie is upset over constantly being made fun of by her family, and finds some solace in the unconditional love from a rescued dog. Frankie and Mike are stunned when Sue makes the high school volleyball team, but there’s a catch.  When Axl discovers that he is failing three of his four college classes, he calls on Brick to help him with his studies, on “The Middle,” tonight on the ABC Television Network.

Suburgatory 8:30-9:00pm

“Open Door Policy” – Tessa becomes concerned when George lets himself go after his break-up with Dallas. Tessa calls on George’s dad for advice, which turns into blatant attempts rub George the wrong way. Meanwhile, Tessa discovers that Ryan is coming home to visit and that he’s bringing home his new girlfriend, on “Suburgatory.”

Modern Family 9:00-9:30pm

“First Days” — Luke and Manny have their first day at high school, which proves to be harder on Phil and Gloria. Cam starts a new substituting gig at the high school, leaving Mitch to try to juggle Lily’s first day of pre-school and a very important meeting at work, tonight on “Modern Family.”

Super Fun Night 9:30-10:00pm

“Lucindervention” – When Richard’s hard partying ex, Lucinda (Robin McLeavy), turns up in NYC, an old spark begins again. Kimmie and Kendall team up to show Richard that this old flame is a bad influence. Meanwhile, Ruby (Dan Ahdoot) asks Marika out and she assumes it’s a date. She’s shocked when he tells her he just wanted a wing woman to help him find a date on “Super Fun Night.”

 Nashville 10:00-11:00pm

“It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” – Jeff is expecting Juliette to formally apologize for her behavior during her Grand Ole Opry ceremony, but at the last minute, she has a change of heart and decides to standby the choices she’s made. Luke introduces Rayna to a power player that could help her get her distribution deal off the ground. Deacon is discovering his record deal might not be what he expected, and Scarlett’s collaboration with Liam gets off to a rocky start. Will and Layla discover they aren’t all that different, and find comfort in one another’s company? Plus, Teddy will stop at nothing to reveal Lamar’s connection to Peggy’s death, on “Nashville.”

Tune in for lots of laughs starting at 8:00pm on WOTV4.


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