Flooring trends your feet will love

Jumping into a new floor can be daunting.  That’s why most people play it safe.  Even if you don’t want to show off your wilder side, there are ways to incorporate fun into your floors.  You just need to find the look that works with your overall design style.

TPS AND TRENDS:  there really are no rules when choosing your floor.  Just listen to your heart.  Unless your heart likes only beige, and then you might want to listen to the experts too!

EMBRACE COLOR:  If it makes you feel good, use it! Color is one of the best ways to spice up a room and create a room’s personality.

PLEASE THE EYES AND FEET:   Texture is the big story in flooring.  Think about loops and layering and other ways to create a tactile experience.

LAYER UP:  Layering flooring is as fashionable as layering clothing – specifically using rugs everywhere, even over carpet.

GO GREEN: and not just with the color:  This ani’t your grandma’s floor any more!  Today’s flooring is environmentally friendly as well as stylish.  Look for flooring that  have recycled content (that’s pretty much ANY kind of flooring today) or can be recycled when you’re done walking on it!

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