Ways to save green while eating clean

margaux save green eat clean


Here are money saving tips for living a healthy lifestyle on a budget.

Use your freezer. freezing allows you to buy in bulk, in season or on sale and use over time.

Wash your produce as you use it, because washing removes natural preservatives that can start mold and decomposition.

Keep fruit and veggies separate, because fruit gives off ethylene gas which speeds up ripening.

Use a food budget envelope and pay for your food and drinks for the week with this cash only.  This saves you from frivolous spending and this system works to stay on budget because when the envelope is empty, the spending for the week is done!

Last but not least…

Get to know your produce manager, because he or she can tell you what is ripe, in season, fresh and what is at the peak of flavor.  These tips will give you the best bang for your buck!


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