My toddler’s Asthma scare

Dad giving Easton a breathing treatment while playing some apps for distraction.

Someone told me age two is hard.  Boy they weren’t kidding.  While we are dealing with the normal tantrums, sharing issues and strong personality traits that happen with a strong-willed two-year-old, we’re also dealing with a growing list of health problems.  While Easton’s issues are probably minor compared to what some families go through (cancer, transplants, loss ect) , it still feels overwhelming and terrifying.


Back in the Spring around age 1 1/2 Easton was formally diagnosed with Asthma which came as an utter shock to me.  He really had never exhibited Asthma symptoms expect for as a small baby with some occasional wheezing, which he went through a bunch of chest x-rays, swallow studies ect and everything came out great.  So when his allergist said to me, “I’m formally diagnosing him with Asthma” I thought okay……

I’ve kept it in the back of my mind and he takes daily medication but we’ve never had an issue… until a week ago.  It was the scariest moment of my life and my husbands.  You can’t imagine what scared feels like until you see your child struggling to breath.

It was bedtime.  He had been getting over influenza, and a runny nose that just wouldn’t end.  Well the virus got the best of him and his cough, out of the blue, flared up and he simply couldn’t stop.  We gave him his rescue inhaler which had absolutely no effect.   We simply looked at each other at 8pm on Sunday night and said “Let’s go” and quickly packed him up for the Emergency Room.

Thank god we left when we did because by the time we made the short 7 minute commute to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital he could barely get a breath and looked a pale whitesh-blue color.   I pulled him out of the car seat and rushed him in, sobbing.  The other parents in line just backed away and let me go to the front and I desperately shoved him at a nurse sobbing that he couldn’t breath.

The staff was calm and collected and got us right through triage and into a room.  We tried another breathing treatment, but it failed to work.   Adam and I just stared helplessly at each other seeing Easton in that state.  Finally after a million questions they gave him some oral steriods which within five minutes helped his lungs settle down.  I think at that moment I finally felt myself take a breath as well.  Phew.

easton hosptial
Easton catching up on cartoons at Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital

We hung out at the hospital for a while, catching up on the Curious George movie and monitoring him.  We finally were able to head home which felt good but Easton still wasn’t out of the woods.  I spent the night laying next to his bed, on the hard wood floor trying to sleep but with no luck.  Every cough was torture.  I spent most of the night in the bathroom, sick to my stomach with my nerves out of control.

I of course stayed home from work and called his allergist first thing.  We were able to get him in and switch up his asthma meds but still a week later his cough is still there.  I swear every time he coughs I feel my heart drop into the pit of my stomach.  I am on constant pins and needles trying to keep him from doing too much activity (which you can imagine is impossible with an energetic 2 year old).  He has watched entirely too much TV and played way more IPAD than any little kid should.  I’ve tried to keep him entertained with low-key activities like books, puzzles, play dough ect. but he just wants to run around and have fun.

The support from family and friends has been amazing and everyone keeps telling me “don’t worry” but that’s pretty much impossible.  When you are 100% responsible for another human being you can’t help but consume yourself with thoughts like, “is it this or that”, “did I clean enough today or is the dust flaring him up”, or “did he take all of the medicine he is supposed too,” “did he do the breathing treatment long enough”….. it’s gut-wrenching.

After speaking with his doctor today they tell me even though it’s been a week since the ER it could take at least another week for his lungs to get back to normal and if not then we’ll explore other options.  I just pray this little boy can catch a break soon.

Since October he has had:

Stomach flu- twice

Pink eye

Allergic reaction to the Pink Eye Virus resulting in hives every day for a month

Cold- twice

Influenza- once

Asthma episode

Easton at another doctor appointment, sportin' dad's hat
Easton at another doctor appointment, sportin’ dad’s hat

This momma needs a break for my own mental health!  I don’t know how much more worrying I can take!

If you have any advice I’d love to hear it.

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