Nancy Loftis


nancy_20121101104424_0_0Nancy Loftis is a WOTV 4 Women pocketbook expert focusing on personal finances. She works as the marketing manager for Advia Credit Union, and has been a part of the credit union industry for nearly 20 years. On a daily basis, Nancy oversees communications to members about the valuable services available to them that can help to improve their financial lives.

“Women hold so many important roles in life, and maintaining financial soundness is a basis of keeping sanity in our lives and our household. I’m excited to be a part of the WOTV4 Women crew, as the tips offered are all connected to physical, emotional as well as financial health.”

Nancy is a native of Southwest Michigan and graduated from WMU. As a wife and mother of two daughters, Nancy understands the challenge of budgeting while living busy and active lives.

WOTV4women-sponsor-badge_20120405115039_0_0“We are continually looking for new financial solutions based on the challenges that members face, and it’s exciting when I am able to hear stories about improving someone’s life by working with them on a personal basis.”

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