The secret formula for healthy finances

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It’s a brand NEW Year, and you want to kick it off on a healthy financial step.  So where’s the best place to start?  By looking back … now’s the best time to review your statements and bills for learning spending patterns and anticipated expenses for 2014!  Take time to create a spending plan that’s right for you with these helpful 6 steps:

Six Steps for Healthy Finances

1. Don’t attempt to do your entire budget in one sitting. Take a few days, breaking the work down into manageable pieces.

2. Gather up all of your income information, including salaries, interest, and gifts.

3. Next, gather up all of your expense information. Do this thoroughly, even if it takes three days, a week, or a month. Make sure you’re not missing anything.

4. Using a budget worksheet add up all of the totals for the income and outflow.

5. Figure out where you can do some fine-tuning, either to pay down your debt or increase your savings goals. However, above all, make sure you’re making as much money as you’re spending. Stay out of the red.

6. Redo the budget with the new totals, and post it around your house, lest you forget you are now living within the cozy confines of a household budget.

Budget Formula
So you diligently track your income and every expense that you have. But how do you know if you’re spending reasonable amounts of money on things like housing, debt, and groceries? Follow these parameters:

•30 percent: Housing and debt (mortgage/rent, credit cards, auto loans, student loans, etc.)
•25 percent: Living expenses (food, clothing, utilities, transportation, medical, entertainment)
•25 percent: Taxes (federal, state, local, and property; FICA and Medicare)
•15 percent: Savings and retirement (401(k), stocks, mutual funds, college savings, etc.)
•5 percent: Insurance (life, health, disability, auto, homeowners, etc.)

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