Stop the eye strain with easy tips

michele avoid eye strain

Like the other 4 senses most of us use our eyes every day.  Eye health is important and eye strain can cause a number of other health conditions.  In todays world we are using our eyes with digital devices more than ever.  I have a few tips / suggestions that can help you to avoid eye strain and other eye related conditions
such as –
Dry burning eyes
Blurred vision
Watery eyes

-Be sure to turn off screen time at least 1 hour prior to bedtime.
-If eyes are already dry or burning massage warm sesame oil gently onto closed lids.
-Upon waking rinse the eyes by splashing with cool water.
-Rest eyes during your day with aloe juice and rosewater soaked cotton pads on lids.
-A drop of pure organic coconut oil can be applied just inside lower lid.  Blink eyes several times and then rest several minutes eyes closed.
-Protect eyes in the outdoors from strong winds and dust and bright sunlight.
Take good care of your eyes and they will take care of you!

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