Home improvements to get it sold in 2014

If you’re remodeled home has to compete with a newly constructed home, a recent article in BUILDER magazine highlights the features that new home buyers are looking for.  Do what you can with this information and you’ll be miles ahead of your competition.


• IT’s more about how a house “lives”, rather than square footage.  They don’t want a McMansion, they want a house they can use.

• It’s all about combining practicality with the way we want to live now.

• The number one request for new home buyers is a great room where everyone can gather.  And there is nothing formal about these spaces.  It’s all about being connected – to each other, to guests, to technology and even to the outdoors! Dining, cooking, communication; they’re all connected. We used to have a lot more walls for compartmentalized living.  Now, families want an intelligent flow to/for their lives.

• Here’s a great idea:  Tuck a little homework area behind the kitchen. You can still keep an eye on the kids, but they can’t see the TV (in the great room)

• New homes also tend to feel like resort living, an outgrowth of “staycations.” Next to the great room, the most requested amenity is a spa bathroom.  These spa rooms take a lot of cues from hospitability.  Think of the best vacation spot you been to and it probably had the “bathroom” of your dreams. It probably had amenities such as a soaking tub, steam shower, multiple shower heads, luxury cabinetry, and natural stone and maybe even heated floors!  What better way to unwind from your fast paced day than relaxing in a luxurious home spa!

• According to experts, today’s home buyers are much more budget conscious, a natural consequence of the recession. They demand more value per square foot. They’re not interested in rooms they will rarely use such as a formal dining room.  Most of all, home buyers want a house that “works” for them.

• ANYTHING energy efficient will put you a step above any competition!  Appliances, windows – even window treatments – entry doors, no maintenance decking…..they all make a huge difference and impact!

• Other useful, thoughtful and value added amenities include:

  • Storage space for recreational vehicles
  •  “Drop off zones” located near family used entry for recharging smart phones and tables and designed to keep everyone organized.
  •  Mud Rooms (And don’t forget the family pet!)
  •  Home office designed for work; maybe with a separate entrance for deliveries and customers.
  •  Media Centers for family night
  •  His and Her closets
  •  Centralized, yet hidden laundry areas

Contact Info:

Standale Interiors


(616) 453-8201

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