Fight a cold with Ginger Cinnamon Tea

When its cold outside I like my drinks hot so I tend to have a lot of tea.  I also simply warm water and drink that pain or with lemon but if you really want to warm things up using warming spices and herbs is a great way.
I love the taste and smell of ginger and cinnamon is wonderful too.  I never thought of putting them together until I had a little cold this Fall and found this Ayurvedic recipe.  I generally thought of cinnamon as something to use in sweet food applications.  However is is a heating spice and and has a great many uses.
Ginger and cinnamon both have heating qualities so having them together with hot water is triple threat to cold!  You can use powdered in a pinch but if you have fresh ginger and cinnamon sticks that is best.
Take a sauce pan and add about 6 cups of water, heat with thinly sliced fresh ginger, and about 2 cinnamon sticks should do it.  If you are a naturally cold person or suffering from a cold, use more.  If you run hot, use less.  Heat to almost boiling then let it rest  for 10 minutes or longer if you like it stronger.  If you like add a squeeze of fresh lemon or a tsp of raw honey when serving.

Cold weather – think WARM drinks!

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