Margaux Drake


margaux_20130401111343_400_300Margaux Drake is WOTV 4 Women’s Healthy “Eats” Expert and is also a regular contributor on eightWest WOOD-TV8. This Certified Raw Food Chef, Teacher and Trainer owns The M.Drake Company–a home, garden and plant-based cuisine consultancy and she writes weekly about these topics at

“I get to spend each day feeding my true passion. Whether I’m designing our next home project, maintaining our home in the most eco-friendly way possible, on my hands and knees in the garden planting seeds or turning those seeds, when mature, into a tasty meal for my family I LOVE it,” Margaux said. “I am focused on creating a healthy Heaven on Earth-Home for my family and empowering others to do the same for theirs. What’s not to like about that?!”

A graduate of The University of Michigan where her path of plant-based cuisine started over 20 years ago, Margaux LOVES whipping up plant parts into deliciousness and sharing her food with others. She is PASSIONATE about getting kids in the kitchen to play and to have hands-on involvement in the food they eat. She has over 13 years of design experience creating Heaven on Earth spaces nationally and internationally, for diverse clientele. Her philanthropy, The Giving Gardens, allows her use her knowledge as a Master Naturalist to restore ecosystems all over Michigan by spreading native plants and seeds. As an Advanced Master Gardener, she grows her own fruit, vegetables and herbs at home in her family’s organic kitchen garden. Margaux’s home, garden and plant-based cuisine are featured regularly in newspapers, magazines, radio, social media, on the internet and television.

Margaux’s enthusiasm for healthy eats is contagious! Her daughter, at the age of 10, became one of the youngest certified raw food chefs in the country. In addition to her professional work, her other passions include her role as a wife and mother or three, and as an ultramarathoner, Ironman triathlete and avid yogi.

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