Carly Munoz


carly_20120430080102_400_300Carly Munoz is the WOTV 4 Women new mom focusing on everything baby. As a new mom to her son, Easton, she is tackling the day to day tasks that come along with being a working mom, a wife and taking care of two attention-craving dogs.

“I’m no expert on babies, in fact, I consider myself a mom-in-training. I’m excited to take West Michigan along on this new and exciting journey with me and my new baby boy,” said Carly. “I’m hoping my experiences, successes and stumbles along the way will be an interesting and entertaining way for me to connect with moms across west Michigan.”

Carly works as a sales/marketing special projects manager by day, a cake decorator by night and a mom all of the time. She says the juggling act can get difficult but her type A personality helps to keep day-to-day life organized and on track. She describes herself as an avid-researcher on whatever is top of mind.

“If Easton has a cold you can find me googling for hours about everything ‘baby colds’. I think my mommy friends find me to be a great resource because I leave no stone unturned when I have a parenting question. From baby gear to baby milestones I want to find out everything I think is important for our family.”

You can keep up with Carly and baby Easton on her blog “Modern Day Mommy” where she chronicles her adventures in motherhood- the good- the bad- the smiley- and the smelly!

25 Things About Carly Munoz