Melissa Powell

Melissa Powell is the WOTV 4 Women crew member focusing on legal issues for women. Melissa is a divorce attorney with DAWN Legal Services. She spends her time working with clients to develop the best plan for their individual case.

“Everyone has a story and it presents unique challenges to determine how to successfully translation both parties and children to a new life,” Melissa said.

As a busy working mom with seven children Melissa understands the struggles her clients are going through because she’s lived it herself.

“My own experiences and difficulties help me understand how clients feel going through the process. There are highs and lows and moments of panic. But I survived and they will too. There is light at the end of the tunnel.”

Melissa truly believes in the mission of women supporting other women. She says she has learned that sharing our own life experiences help women to bond while easing our minds, souls and hearts. As part of the WOTV 4 Women crew she hopes to continue that mission.

Melissa is part of the Women’s Lawyers Association and in her spare time she enjoys building and decorating, a passion that her parents helped to foster. She says they taught her about the value of hard work and determination.