Doing More Together Program


GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (WOTV) – There’s an effort across Ottawa County to highlight all the good that is being done in their schools. It’s called “Doing More Together”. Ottawa County public schools and Christian schools are collaborating together to highlight the unique, high quality educational opportunities happening in their schools. But it’s not just those schools working together, they’re also working with area business and community organizations to spotlight the opportunities within the schools.

Michelle Ready, from the Ottawa County Area Intermediate School District, talked with Maranda about the opportunities it’s offering everyone involved. She says they have received great response from the business and community groups, using it as an economic development tool. They can also attract and retain new talent within the community.

Ready calls it a new twist on education, a new way of learning for kids, because of the partnerships extending beyond their school building.

“Doing More Together” is encouraging anyone in Ottawa County to share their story.

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